koreans nike

A characteristic–not to say whether it is bad or good–of Koreans is conservativeness. Our traditions having been stagnant but stable, we had not witnessed a radical transformation in cultural aspects, except for the expansion of Christianity. In fact, people are generally unwelcoming of new ideas. Once a brand has been established in one’s mind, people would stick to that brand and its products, not venturing to try others–because they are not popular. Sometimes, everything about brands is whether or not they are popular. People wear a Nike shirt because others recognize the label on the shirt, but not definitely because it feels so much better. Seeing no advantage in trying new products that are not popularized in the region, people would thus keep to the original trends. The biggest example would be Microsoft. As of right now, more than 90% of all Koreans own Microsoft, which would indeed be startling to Steve Jobs, who had amassed trillions of dollars through his well-designed Macintosh. Although better in terms of function and technology, as well as the nice designs that make it look cool, Macintosh was unable to go near what Microsoft had achieved in Korea. It is of no wonder that there is only one Apple Customer Service Center in the whole of Seoul.


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