One day I went to the book store and saw SuperFreakonomics on the best seller section. Right away, I grabbed the book and went to the cashier to buy the book because I knew this sequel would be great as the original, Freakonomics. I read Freakonomics long time ago, when I was a bit young to understand all the content that are somewhat radical and new. The book itself is designed for adults so that I had to think a lot about some of the stories that Levitt and Dubner tell. I thought now that I’m more mature, it would be easier for me to understand. Nonetheless, this sequel just shocks me every second when I read on the sentences. Polluting the stratosphere to prevent global warming??!! I thought we had to save energy and produce less carbon dioxide for global cooling, but in statistics, the United States’ ground temperature actually rose 1.1 degrees celsius when all flights were canceled for three days after the 9/11 terror. In SuperFreakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner explicitly convey their message to the readers through interesting stories. The book divides up to five different enthralling chapters, believe me. The bits of information that seem irrelevant to the topic somehow support the idea that Levitt and Dubner is trying to establish. It is just fascinating how they connect one idea to the other and conclude in a totally radical concept. I strongly recommend you to read this book because I guarantee you will not only know why suicide bombers should buy life insurance but also the opportunity to change your way of thinking… they do not buy life insurance because they have nowhere to spend their money on before they die!!! Enjoy!


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