national sport

The “game wave” had especially taken over the whole of Korean society, to the extent where professional gamers are treated as celebrities and earn more than an average white-collar worker. The fact that just last year, the Korean game team had triumphed in the World Cyber Games (WCG) tells us how intense and popular the gaming business is here. (Read news: http://itnews.korea.com/korea-conquers-wcg/) Such signs of a game wave is both a good sign (of people finding leisure amidst the fierce competition) and a worrying one (of how games are speedily taking over the lives and ambitions of young minds). Judging from the gradual actions the government had begun to take–game penalties imposed on overplaying players and consulting centers aimed at treating the addiction–the trend has been overly Perhaps due to the fast spreading trend and culture, StarCraft has become an everyday life, a profitable business and a national sport.


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