March 29th, a celebrity committed suicide. He is but one of the numerous celebrities that had taken their own lives amidst intensive pressure. He is, too, but one of the countless figures that represent the suicidal rates among Koreans. His name is Jin Young, Choi (39). Though the exact motive of his suicide is undetermined as of yet, it is highly possible that Choi could not withstand the depression that he had to endure after his sister, Korea’s famous actress Choi Jin Sil, had also taken her own life two years ago. Close relatives of Choi had professed that his sister was more than just a sibling to him; she was his mentor, his second mother and his best friend. The demise of such a treasured one could only plunge him into years of isolation. In addition, the baneful rumors that circulated around the Internet about Choi being directly connected to his sister’s suicide and the media’s constant attention to his private life had definitely taken a toll on his psychological health. Choi’s suicide, however, is reflective of the problems plaguing the whole of Korean society. The expansion of the media has seen paparazzi inspecting the lives of public figures for 24 hours a day. Their incentives job promotions and personal fame, their goals to cover the most unheard of–but interesting–news, the paparazzi have been responsible for baseless rumors. In addition, Koreans’ inquisitive nature had only tired the lives of many celebrities that were desperately in need of rest from the personal space.


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