Life of self learning

Life of Koreans, Life of APs, Life of SATs, majority of Korean students wake up with an apprehension for the next upcoming AP tests or the SATs. These tests are known as one of the hardest and most challenging tests to study for during the high school education level. Koreans are known as the record setter for the most hag-won visits during the life time. However, for many Koreans hag-won is simply a place for extra sleep, so that they have energy that will help them stay awake during the night. People do not know the real back story of “smart Korean students,” their daily schedules might be filled with mostly hag-won however, most of the studying goes on in their own houses. They drink approximately 10 cups of coffee each night, and stay awake until the sun starts to show its bright colors once again. Koreans have the ability to finish a whole book of Barrons AP or SAT books in a day. This surprises me because I can’t even seem to answer a page work of SAT questions without the urge to fall asleep. Us Koreans even use these study habits to socialize. It might be little nerdy, but most Koreans get girls by connecting with conversations about studying. How Sad….. But seems to work for the studious Korean students.


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