Olympics excite Korea once again

This Vancouver olympics was the most exciting Olympics of all. Especially for many Korean fans out there, this was the year when Korea proved that they were one of the most athletic countries out there. Korea might be small but never fails to stand up and tell the World that they are one of the World’s strongest country. We did not expect much from this Olympics, mostly because it was a winter Olympic tournament. Korea do not receive much snow therefore, the players have the disadvantages compared to other country’s players. Also this year we only had athletes going for short track, speed skating and figure skating. Which did not promise much medals in the Olympic rankings. However, the most spectacular thing happened to Korea. We got the Gold medal for almost all the events we participated, leading us to 4th place in the ranking of the most held medalist countries. The gold medal frenzy ended with an overwhelming performance by the number one figure skater Yoona Kim, who finished as a gold medalist with outstanding record. Yoona Kim is so famous now that she is in almost every T.V ad possible in a broadcasting studio.


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